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Working with your brands’ core values in mind, I create content that does three things:

  • Attracts the right audience to your site

  • Engages your audience so they take your message on board.

  • Excites your audience so they keep coming back for more, and share with their friends.

This provides you with the right audience, loyal to your brand, which continues to expand – with the right kind of people.

With this loyal audience, you can go ahead and implement your goals.

What I Offer

I specialise in recipe writing – or recipe development – which is one of the best ways to engage your audience. I also produce photographs to provide vibrant colour and bring the recipes to life.

I write blog posts to get your message across and show that you care about staying relevant.

I provide copywriting services for things like websites, press releases, media kits and brochures.

I also write features, interviews and restaurant reviews for print and online publications and brands to grow your audience and show your authority on the subject.

Finally, I am available to hire as a private chef. You can choose from a set menu or we can discuss your needs and I'll design a custom menu.

My cooking knowledge and skills, and years of experience in a wide range of food companies informs and enriches my writing and gives me a perspective that few food writers have.

I can use this to benefit your brand and solve your culinary content problems.



Growing up in the countryside of East Sussex, I was surrounded by fantastic ingredients. I’ll always remember my addiction to lip-puckeringly sour sorrel from the garden.

I come from a family of writers so it was bound to manifest in me at some point, however I originally trained as a chef and working for many years in all manner of kitchens and food businesses.

Working under well known chefs like Mark Hix at Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair and Tom Hunt at Poco in Broadway Market gave me a solid grounding in high quality cooking and a passion for top ingredients.

Managing a stall at Borough Market, I was able to get involved in developing original recipes using kid goat in Greek dishes and using the finest and freshest ingredients possible. I started to write recipes and photograph the dishes for a blog which I still update regularly at samsinhachef.co.uk. Around this time, I had my first recipe published on the Borough Market website – a proud day.

I learnt how to make charcuterie by hand at Blackhand Food, helping the business to grow rapidly and soaking up a whole load of information and practical skills along the way. I took the rare opportunity to practice whole carcass butchery and learn how to cure, tie, ferment, dry and package cured meats, plus I experienced first hand the intricacies of running a small business. I ended teaching butchery classes at Borough Market for Blackhand.

The highlight of my career so far was working with Pedro Passinhas at Denim ‘n’ Dine, a truly unique pop-up restaurant inside a working denim factory. Pedro is probably going to be super famous one day. His cooking is out of this world and changed my perspective and the way I cook. I was able to get fully involved with creating menus, pairing unusual ingredients for novel combinations, and using contrasting temperatures, textures and colours to surprise and excite diners.

We even considered the way we introduced the experience to guests, the types of plates we used, the lighting and the music, and the effect these factors had on the way guests tasted the food and perceived the experience as a whole.

All of this varied experience has made me a better cook whilst constantly informing my writing. All the while I never stopped reading about food and cooking. While I was working full time a chef, magazines started to publish my work and before I knew it I was getting paid for writing as well as cooking. I still love to cook and will continue to learn and grow as a chef but writing has now taken over as the primary occupier of my time.

I am based in Hong Kong, but work with clients all over the world – thanks to the wonders of technology. I am always responsive to my emails, and available for a Whatsapp or Skype call during working hours (and can make myself available for other timezones).

Unlike an agency or larger business, I am able to work closely with brands, do the proper research and deal directly with clients. If you prefer a personal service from an individual with whom, over time, you can build a strong working relationship, get in touch via the button below.

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Happy Customers

While Sam was still living in London (with intentions to move to Saigon) he emailed asking about open positions at Oi Vietnam. As an editor I’m always cautious when I get solicitations from writers who have not been previously recommended, even more so when they’re not in the same country, however it worked out well. He’s a great writer, enthusiastic and meets deadlines — an editorial trifecta.

christine van managing editor oi vietnam
Christine Van Managing Editor, Oi Vietnam

“Sam was an intern with Time Out Hong Kong, specialising in food and was kept on in a freelance capacity, writing an array of stories for our online platform, from large list-driven pieces to restaurant reviews, as well as advertorials, working with clients like Asia Miles. His pieces were of high quality and well received by readers. He learned quickly and was entrusted with some important features, which he delivered in a timely fashion. He was also adept at coming up with ideas and worked really well as part of our team. I highly recommend Sam as a freelance food writer to any media business.”

Matt Fleming Editorial Director, Time Out Hong Kong

I was put in touch with Sam in my role as Managing Editor of Riddle Magazine. He is an insightful and fluent food writer, his reviews informed by his knowledge & experience as a chef as well as his clear passion for good food. Sam is pro-active in working with PRs and establishments to develop new articles, he is a great asset to my online magazine.

rupert watkins riddle magazine
Rupert Watkins Managing Editor, Riddle Magazine

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